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12 Tips for Successful Business Networking

“It’s who you know and who can help you.” – Jeffrey Combs

Your business success is based on the people you know. You can’t do it all alone. Over the long-term, relationships are the number-one way to create life you love.

Here are two examples to prove my premise:

Next, if you want to make your network work for you, you will need to invest substantially in your relationships deliberately, consistently, and using the Esoteric Gentleman’s Club best practices.

12 Key Business Networking Tips

Here are 12 key business networking tips that top executives and networkers have used to build networks that created life changing success for them.

1) An initial conversation should focus on building a relationship and getting a second meeting either in-person or virtual. This is a critical step is creating rapport and finding some common ground. Why? Because people must know, like and trust you before they will share their valuable social capital.

2) Building a successful relationship with people requires that you quickly add value. Everyone has problems and there are always solutions out there. Can you offer an introduction or information that could help them their business or career? What problem can you help them solve?

Additional Questions To Ask

Here are a couple additional questions to ask about your entire network: “What do you bring to the relationships?” “What do they bring to you?” “What could you do to enhance the give-and-take to build more value?”

3) Here are two key questions you should ask during your conversation… but only after you find out how you can help the other person. If you are time is limited, you may have to ask this in your follow up contact or second meeting. “What ideas do you have for me?” and “What people do you recommend I speak to?”

4) If you are not meeting the right people, odds are you are in the “wrong room.”. You have to be strategic about finding the right people to build your network with.

5) Don’t measure your relationships solely by net worth and/or their network. Make sure you surrounding yourself with people who are authentic, vulnerable, share their truth, and understand reciprocity. You will be introducing these contacts to other people over time.

6) Make sure you “give” at least two times before asking for anything in return. This shows the other person you understand how to give and the concept of reciprocity. Because the most valuable people you know, your inner circle, gives and shares without a “scorecard” mentality and that’s the most valuable people to have in your life.

7) Introducing people to other people is the most valuable things you can do. Malcolm Gladwell spoke about “connectors” in his book The Tipping Point. Make sure you actively engage in this at events (or anyplace) and during your follow up.

8) Every person in your life was a stranger before you knew them. Embrace your fears for meeting new people and practice those skill sets every single day.

9) Build a robust, deep, and wide network of people because it exposes you to more opportunities and possibilities. It also is a healthy way to challenge your current belief system.

10) The number one way to build rapport is listening. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason so using them in the correct proportion. When you lead with talking about yourself, you come off as someone who has to “prove” themselves to others. Instead showing up “approving” yourself.

11) The quickest way to accelerate the relationship building process to act like other people’s “inner circle” and/or best friends. When you do that from the outset, people think of you in their “inner circle” when you actually are just an acquaintance. It’s the most powerful concept to use both personally and professionally.

12) Your equation for success to use in every interaction you have is: connect, care and add value.

Final Words

When you combine these 12 business networking tips along with a strategic people and relationship plan, you can create a powerful and influential connections that help you “open doors” and provide you limitless opportunities in your business and career.

Feel free to share below your networking success and/or challenges…

  1. How has your networking been going or are you just going to be starting up?
  2. If you haven’t been networking in the past (or procrastinating), what’s been holding you back?
  3. Have you been using any of these tips in the past?
  4. Do you have any additional ones that you are using now that are bringing you results?