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5 Steps to the Perfect Shave

Various people have various styles of facial hair, that’s a given. If you’re one of the guys that likes to keep it simple and clean shaved then this page is for you.

Follow Our 5 Steps to the Perfect Shave

Been a clean shaven man is hard work, especially if you have to shave everyday, count yourself lucky if you can get away with a couple of days without shaving!

Shaving can be tedious and takes time which could be spent doing more productive things. Take a second to think of women who have to go through the whole process of applying make-up and thank your lucky stars you don’t have to do that!

Beards are cool, stubble is cool, being clean shaven is cool. However, it is most definitely not cool to have overgrown and under-groomed hair because you can’t be bothered to shave.

Follow these 5 steps to the perfect shave and you’ll ensure you have a perfect shave.

Step 1 – Have a warm shower or bath.

Shouldn’t be much of a surprise to the most of you, make sure it is warm as this will open up the pores on your face, while in the shower make sure you wash your face with a bar of soap of liquid cleanser this is so you don’t trap dirt into your pores which can cause blemishes… and nobody wants that!

Step 2 – Apply shave gel.

Time for the beginning of the best shave of your life, you need to distribute the shave gel, or foam, or cream, or whatever it is that you prefer over your face evenly and make sure to rub it in firmly. If you truly want to get the best results, then at this stage you can invest in a badger brush, This will help spread the foam around more evenly, but no harm done if you’re using your good ol’ hands.

Step 3 – Shave.

Yep, you knew this part was coming didn’t you?! Time to remove those overgrown hairs! When shaving you should always shave with the grain and never against it, if you shave against the grain you’re going to irritate your skin, which won’t look look when the rash comes out! Always go past each piece of skin 2 or 3 times to ensure you get the smaller hairs, then after that you can go against the grain just to get any small hairs you may have missed.

Step 4 – Apply warm water, and then cold.

Is every single tiny hair from you face gone? Lets move one then… The next step is to rinse your face with warm water and get off any remaining shaving cream. Done? Good. Now you can apply cold water all over your face thoroughly using your hands but I much prefer using a flannel and soaking it with cold water and letting it rest on the parts of my face I have shaved, doing this will close up your pores so your facial hair won’t grow back as quick.

Step 5 – Apply shaving balm.

Just like using moisturizer, don’t use too much. But applying this after shaving will sooth your skin, and will make your face as smooth as a beautiful women’s bottom.

Now you have followed the 5 Steps to the Perfect Shave, as recommended by the Esoteric Gentleman’s Club, go kill ‘em with you well groomed face!