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5 Tips for the Perfect Handshake

What is your profession? Yeah, a bit of a random question and you may be wondering why I’m asking…

Well, it’s because there’s a common misconception where people think that only high powered businessmen or politicians require the perfect handshake.

Follow The Esoteric Gentleman’s Club 5 Tips For The Perfect Handshake

Want to know the times you should be shaking someone hand? All the time. Every single time you are introduced to someone. No matter how casual of formal the setting.

It doesn’t matter if you introduce yourself to someone, or if someone introduces themselves to you, or if someone introduces someone else to you… always offer your hand. It’s just simple good manners.

Promise me something, here and now? Never underestimate the power of a handshake.

It may sound simple, basic even. All you do is reach your hand out and clasp the other persons hand while shaking for a few seconds. Well, when you put it like that it does sound basic.

Think of it more like this

It’s usually the first time you have physical contact with someone and the right handshake signal’s cooperation, thus it can give you the winning edge scoring a client or even your dream job, so you need to make sure you have the perfect handshake.

There is lots of ways to shake someone’s hand and each different one will make you come across a different way. But, is there a one size fits all handshake?


Follow the Esoteric Gentleman’s Club tips laid out here and in around 5 minutes you will have that one handshake to rule them all.

Get all of these tips down and the next time you shake someones hand you will:

  • Come across more extroverted and outgoing.
  • Be seen as more suitable for a job.
  • Be deemed more friendly and warm.
  • Seem more trustworthy.
  • Exude more charisma.
  • Build rapport easier.

That’s quite the list of things that happen as a byproduct once you have the perfect handshake.

Plus did I mention that it’s easy?

Before I delve into the magic tricks I want to go over 3 types of handshakes that you need to avoid. At all costs.

1. The limp handshake.
This is usually employed by women, but been of the feminine psyche is no excuse. This is where you just offer your hand. You don’t grip. You don’t shake. What you do do is come across as weak, not a great position to be in… at anytime, especially in a business meeting or at job interview.

2. The sweaty handshake
I don’t really need to explain this handshake.
It’s an interview and you’re nervous… I get it, it makes sense that your palms are sweating.
As unfair as it might be, you’re not going to come across well if it feels like you forgot to use the hand dryer. Not to worry though. One of our tips will get rid of this problem forever.

3. The crushing handshake
Calm down Mr Macho, its not your job to fracture my knuckles when you greet me. A firm handshake is always a must, but there is a dangerous line you don’t want to cross where it looks like you’re impersonating the biting pressure of a crocodile.

Now that’s out of the way. Let us get into the tips to help you master the handshake.

1. Keep your right hand clear.

Something you should know: Always shake with your right hand, it’s the universally accepted hand to conduct a handshake with so you never want to offer your left.

If you’re ever in a situation where an introduction is likely it’s best to keep all objects out off your handshaking hand because it will save you from fumbling to move them out of the way in order to shake someones hand, if you don’t do this I guarantee you’re not going to look very James Bond, you’ll look more 00awkward than 007.

If you’re at a networking event or any other place you’re going to meet lots of people then make sure you don’t hold your drink in your right hand as the condensation will make it cold and damp.

If you do get sweaty palms like we mentioned before, just keep your hand on your leg and let your trouser material absorb the moisture. Don’t be so obvious to start wiping frantically as you’re about to shake someones hand.

2. Keep your hand straight.

This nice little trick has been previously mentioned in Body Language Hacks Part 1, but good advice never gets old.

The reason you should keep your hand straight is because if you tilt your palm towards the floor you come across as dominant and you think yourself above the other person.

If you tilt you palm away from the floor, so that the back of you hand is tilted towards the floor is shows that you are submissive.

You don’t want to be seen as either in the initial meet and greet so keeping your hand straight is the way to go as it still shows you are confident and welcoming.

3. Offer your hand first.

This is not always going to be possible because the other person might be quicker to draw than you. It’s not a big deal if you don’t.

The only reason I encourage this is because it means you are in control of the positioning of your hand. If the other person offers their hand first, they might try the dominant handshake we just talked about which could force you into a submissive position.

Offer your hand first, in a upright position and you’ll be onto a winner.

If the other person manages to offer before you and they tries the dominant handshake on you, all you need to do is punch them in the face and you’ve avoided the problem.

Of course, I’m joking! Violence is never the answer.

4. Don’t go all the way.

Okay, so just reading the title back, it kind of looks like I’m telling you never to have sex. Haha. Never mind lets get on with what I mean…

Obviously when you offer your hand, you reach out.

You can’t just be stood there waiting for someone to shake your hand when you’ve only bent your elbow to show your hand. You also need to push it out with your shoulder.

Be careful though.

You don’t want to extend your beautifully moisturized hand out too far or you’ll come across one of two ways.

  1. Overly eager and needy.
  2. Aggressive and overly dominant.

Instead offer your hand out around 50% of the distance between your and your handshake-ee and let them physically invest in greeting you.

 5. All rise.

It’s good and proper etiquette to stand up if you are seated when you are shaking someones hand. If you remain seated you will come across as arrogant.

If you didn’t know… that’s a bad thing.

Final Words 

If you’ve rushed through this list, I want you to go back and read it.

Every single word.

It’s 5 easy tips.

And these 5 tips can boost your likability factor when you first meet someone by alotof%

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