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6 Tips to Make Your Shoes Last Longer

If you didn’t know, shoes are incredibly important. A man can be as well dressed as he wants, but if his shoes aren’t on point then, to put it bluntly, he has no style.

They are the final touch that will either make or break your outfit. Make sure it isn’t the latter by following the Esoteric Gentleman’s Club tips.

6 Tips to Make Your Shoes Last Longer

TIf you’re anything like me, then shoes don’t last you as long as they should.
I go through shoes incredibly quickly, and honestly I never put much thought into it. As soon as my old pair become worn, I’d just go out and buy a new pair; a kind of automatic reaction.

But recently, after my latest pair of oxfords started to look really worn after 5 month I began to question what I was doing wrong and wondering if there was a way I could make my shoes last longer and keep them looking as good as possible for as long as possible (there is a way, it’s call proper shoe care, which I wasn’t doing!).

Did you read that right? 5 months they lasted me! Quality shoes are never cheap an you should view them as an investment so they should be lasting longer than 5 months, in fact if you take proper care of them they can last for decades!

The fact that my most recent pair of dress shoes didn’t last long enough to wish me happy birthday means I am not qualified to share with you any tips on how to make them last longer.

Take your time reading this. Every single tip included will help your shoes last longer or make them look better when you wear them. This is not information to be skipped and taken lightly, shoes are part of your outfit, treat them well.

Tip #1 – Invest in a Shoetree.

A lot of people pass up on using shoetrees because they don’t actually know what they do, and just by looking at them they come to the conclusion they don’t really do much.

They’re actually rather beneficial.

I know you like to think of yourself as a well groomed man who doesn’t sweat, but the truth is; you do. And your feet sweat the most.

When you have your shoes on, where do you think all the sweat your feet produce goes? Sure some get caught by your socks but the rest gets absorbed by your shoes.

This moisture can have damaging effects on the leather, causing it to crack or sag over time. You put a shoetree in your shoes after you take them off so the mold of the tree acts as a structured support and holds the leather in place while it dries out.

Tip #2. Add Taps to the Heels and Toe.

The heels and the toes of your shoes are usually the first to show signs of wear. That shouldn’t really come as a shock since that’s the part of the shoe holding all of your weight and in constant contact with the floor.

A great way protect them is to add taps to them, its a simple and cheap process that any shoe repairer will do for you. They’ll protect your heel and toe and when the taps get worn out, you just replace them instead of having to buy a brand new pair of shoes!

Tip #3. Rotate!

This one is an easy one to follow.

Just simply rotate different shoes to wear instead of wearing the same pair day in and out.

This just allows your shoes to dry out (mentioned above) and give them a break from more wear.

Plus you have the added benefit of mixing and matching different shoes with different suits which can give your outfit a completely new look.

Tip #4. Keep in Dust Bags.

This tip is only for suede shoes, putting any other shoes in dust bags won’t reap any benefits at all.

For those of you out there who owns or has owned suede shoes than you know that it is a difficult but essential task keeping them in good condition as it’s easy for them to become dirty or worn.

Along with keeping them in dust bags (when you’re not wearing them, obviously) investing in a good suede protector and brush is a must.

Tip #5. Moisture protection.

Like we said above, moisture is the kryptonite to leather, and not all moisture comes from your feet, you need to be aware of the weather.

Living in the UK, we get more than our fair share of rainy days.

Consider buying yourself some silicone spray as it will offer your shoes protection against the elements (or just the one elements: water)

Tip #6. Shine Your Shoes!

Not only will shinning your shoes keep them looking good, but it helps them last longer. Here is a basic and chopped down guide to shining your shoes.

Here is quick overview of our advice:

  1. Change into some old clothes.
  2. Clear a set area and be sure to put down some newspaper.
  3. Remove all dust and dirt from your shoes by using a cloth.
  4. Shoes will be easier to shine in you leave your shoetrees inside our shoe.
  5. Make sure the polish you are using matches the shoes.
  6. Choose your polish, either cream, paste or wax. (Avoid liquid polish)
  7. Apply your chosen polish with a soft, clean polishing rag.
  8. Allow your shoes to dry. This should take approximately 10 minutes.
  9. Buff the shoe with a polishing brush – preferably horsehair – and use a soft clean cloth to bring out a high luster.
  10. Liquid sole and edge dressing may be used to restore the edge of the soles.

I can’t stress enough that this just a quick guide.