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7 Steps to an Unforgettable Party

Hope you’re having a great week… Well, it’s about to get even better because the Esoteric Gentleman’s Club is going to share some knowledge that few people know and even fewer people use.

Lean how to throw a great party

Knowledge that’s going to get everybody wanting to come to your parties because they’ve heard they’re so damn good.

People have parties all the time, some people even have good parties all the time. But if you follow the steps below then your parties are going to be in a whole different league.

Follow these steps and you can’t go wrong, everyone at your party (even you!) will be having an amazing time.

The best thing is, the steps are so easy to follow and implement but they’ll make you stand above the crowd because no body does them, so when you do people will take note. Do them well and people will be addicted to your parties.

7 Steps to an Unforgettable Party

Step 1 – Pre-planning

At the risk of sounding too obvious… The first step is simply basic planning.

Ask yourself do you want a theme or not? You don’t need a theme to make your party unforgettable but it can help if you choose a good theme. What’s a good theme you ask? I’m going to be a tease and say I’ll do a list in the near future of awesome party themes. Coming soon. You heard it here first.

Other things you want to take into consideration is the playlist. I can’t stress this enough: Make sure you cater to everyone’s taste. Don’t be the guy who only puts the music he likes on. People will not have a good time if they don’t enjoy the music! Take some time with your music choices as it really effects the whole mood of the night, if your budget’s big enough then why not get a DJ round. A good thing to do is to ask for any music requests when you invite your guest. This brings be onto my last point in preplanning…

Your guest list. Make sure you know who you want to invite, and make sure you don’t forget anyone. Simple.

Step 2 – Inviting guests.

Even though it’s another obvious one I have to put it because.most people invite people to their party the wrong way. The worse way to invite people is through a group event on Facebook or through a mass sent text. Trust me, people know it’s mass sent and they’re less likely to reply.

Invite people individually, send them a personalized message. Obviously you’ll send a different kind of message to your closest friends then you would to people you don’t talk too as much.

You’ll know the best way to invite your friends but If you’re inviting the people who you aren’t particularly close too or aren’t in your inner social circle then you don’t want to send them a huge long invite saying how great it’s going to be and how great it would be for them to come. It’s gonna make you look like you’re trying to impress them and you value their presence more than you should.

Simple hit them up with a message saying “Hey, I’m having a party this Saturday at my place, let me know if you wanna join the fun” asking them a question sends their mind into an immediate Yes/No response, and usually the No side wins out unless they really want to come. Phrasing it like that it a lot more laid back and doesn’t scream to the brain that they have to make a decision.

If you’re inviting a lot of people, you may need to think about actually sending out physical invites. Barely anybody does this anymore and it’s a great way to stand out.

Step 3 – Decorations and supplies.

Time to get your venue set up my friend!

Like a lot of things, it’s the small things that make a big difference. Make sure you have the basics… Ice, glasses, shot glasses, napkins, drink stirrers and lemon/lime wedges. Having all of these will make you instantly stand out because nobody thinks of these little details.

Also, provide some mixers and alcohol. You don’t have to provide it all but definitely provide some.

Another great thing that gets the party started are adding interactive items. Things like masquerade masks, beaded necklaces and cigarette holders (you know them long things Cruella De Vil uses?). Interactive items are awesome because, well, they’re interactive.

Another way that gets your guests interactive is a camera. Women love nothing more than posing for a camera; mix that with all the other interactive items and you’ve got one hell of a party being started.

Step 4 – Welcoming your guests.

Time for the party! First step of the actual party is inviting your guests.

Welcome them with something. A drink or a shot, a shot will set the mood for a wilder party if that’s what you’re having. Make sure they feel welcomed and valued so tell them it’s great they made it, have a small chat with them, then move on to step 5.

Man, this is too easy.

Step 5 – Be the connector.

A party is only as good as the host. Which means, of course, your party is going to be amazing!

A good host always introduces people to others. Most people are uncomfortable approaching others but they also want to meet new people. So take the uncomfortable out of it by introducing everyone to everyone.

Trust me, doing this will not go unnoticed and people will really appreciate it. Also, it makes you look like a boss.

Just think, some people could hit it off and end up becoming good friends, and that’ll be all because of you, and your confident gentlemanly aura!

When introducing people, just go with the usual introduction and then say something that bigs each of them up and makes them feel good about themselves. Warning: Don’t use fake compliments.

Step 6 – Enjoy.

Easy step right?

Just enjoy the party. Always circulate the room. Talk to everyone and make everyone feel valued. Want to know the best way to make feel valued?

Actually value their presence.

Also, it’s definitely better to have lots of smaller conversations with people as they are way more effective than having one long conversation; trust me! So have a 3 minute conversation, move on and then return later. Leave and return, it allows people to enjoy your company and when you leave it leaves them wanting more.

Rinse repeat and have a hell of a night!

Step 7 – Saying ‘bye’.

So you had your kick ass party and everyone had an awesome time.

They’re getting tired and starting to leave. This steps easy as ABC. Just say “Thanks for coming, I’ll talk to you soon.”




Did I mention, easy?

Ha ha, hope this helped!