ZY Men's Shaving Set
ZY Men's Shaving Set

ZY Men's Shaving Set

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ZY Shaving Set is a high quality men's shaving set. Double Edge Safety Shaving Razor is supplied with 10 FREE blades. One side of the razor head is like a comb, suitable for shaving thick beard. Fits for all standard-size double edge blades. The shaving brush features  rosewood handle and genuine badger hair. The alloy shaving stand stainless steel shaving bowl and milk shaving soap completes this set.


  • Double Edge Safety Shaving Razor
  • Badger Hair Brush
  • Natural Wood Stand
  • Mug Bowl
  • Soap
  • 10 Free Blades


  • Net Weight of razor: ~60g
  • Length of razor: ~100mm
  • Net weight of bowl:~163g
  • Height of brush:~102 mm/4.01 inch
  • Net Weight of brush:~35g
  • Openning for razor: 1.2cm
  • Openning for shaving brush:2.7cm
  • Total weight of all:~537.2g


  • Brush: Rosewood + Best Badger Hair
  • Safety Shaving Razor: Rosewood + Alloy
  • Bowl: Stainless Steel
  • Stand: Metal Alloy