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Top 10 Manliest Meals

Gentlemen, welcome to the Top 10 Manliest Meals.

What would you define a manly meal as?

  • Size?
  • Heat intensity?
  • How about it’s ability to kill you?

We can check all of them off with this list! Here is my top 10 manliest meals, queue the countdown!

#10 – Surströmming

Know what Surströmming is? It’s a pickled herring from the Baltic Sea and has been a staple in Northern Swedish cuisine since the 16th century.

These days, however, it’s seen as more of a delicacy.

It makes the list because of its pungent smell that has made many people vomit instantly. If you can get past that however, the taste is amazing and truly something to behold.

#9 – Ghost PepperWings

So maybe you’ve tried Tabasco Sauce? Most people have at some point, and that comes in at around 2500-5000 SHU on the Scoville Scale (how hot it is).

A Ghost Pepper however, come somewhere between 855,000 and 2,199,000 SHU!

Bearing that in mind, imagine having a full plate of wings doused in a sauce made of the stuff; definitely a manly meal.

 #8 – Steak and Guinness Pie

Anyone who has tried this absolute gem will agree the mixture of Stout, beef and pie crust are extremely deserving of a place on this list.

#7 – Fugu

Now can I say firstly that we do not endorse you trying this one and we are in no way saying you should go out and try it.

Fugu is a specific cut of puffer fish that can kill you if it’s not prepared by a fully qualified chef.

However, if you are ballsy enough to try it; firstly only go to a reputable restaurant and secondly… let us know how it is.

#6 – Women

Okay so we didn’t just put this here for a bit of fun and to switch things up a little; and maybe be a little crude.

Actually we kind of did!

But we thought “Hey the readers at The Esoteric Gentleman’s Club are cool guys who are comfortable enough with their sexuality to find it funny”

We also put it here to remind you fellas out there with a women in your life: 

Don’t be selfish, be a giver; that is true masculinity.

#5 – Alligator

Alligator is an everyday food in Cajun cuisine, there are many delicious cuts from an Alligator that you can try in Southern Louisiana, especially during the New Orleans folk and heritage festival.

If you’re feeling brave enough, why not hunt down your own Alligator?

Or maybe you don’t feel like munching on one just yet, how about wrestling one instead?

 #4 – The Full English

As a born and bread British man, I am able to say that the English breakfast is one of our proudest creations.

Ever since its birth people have been creating “breakfast challenges” and some of them are extraordinary!

(As crazy as it seems for me to say this) If you haven’t had one yet then you need to go out and try one!

What you still reading for?! Go fill your stomach!

 #3 – Jurassic Pork

My thoughts when I first saw this?

Holy shit. I got to have that.

It’s one of the best food challenges we have ever seen, plus it’s got a pretty spectacular name.

#2 – Snake Heart

If you ever find yourself passing through Hanoi in Vietnam, why not try Snake? Or more importantly, why not try its heart?

A still beating snake heart is a once in a lifetime meal, unless of course, you’re Vietnamese.

You have two choices when you order the Snake, have it killed in front of you, eat its beating heart and drink it’s blood. Or, you can have a 7 course meal made from all parts of the Snake prepared in front of you, either way its a unique meal you have to try!

#1 – 72oz Steak

This is it. The big one.

Steaks a manly meal right? Well the average puny steak has got nothing on this 72oz monster!

We could post the history of how this beauty came to be. But then we’d just be stealing words from the masters who make it.

So if you want to know more about it, you can find all you need to know here.

Let them know we sent you. 

Final Words

That’s it for the top 10 manliest meals guys! If you have any other great ones then post them in the comments section!

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That way we are able to keep growing and reach a bigger audience of more amazing people.

Take it easy!